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Yana Gorelik

+972-544 960 920

I’m an artist and illustrator. Since I remember myself, I have always had an urge to draw, sculpt and creating.  I have graduated graphic design in Tel Aviv University (Holon Institute of Technology). In my art I try to cherish the timelessness, to create the dialog of silence, some intimacy between words. Most of my works are small and delicate and clean, also I work a lot with hand typography and drawing in my travel journal consistently. I work with watercolors, ink pens, rapidograph, etching. I had a solo exhibition “Betweens by Yanka” at September 2016, also had participated in group exhibitions. I had illustrated few book covers, and working on some illustration projects. Being a part of Duck& Dodo Group gives another perspective to my works, I feel that I understand more what I do.

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