Past events


5.9-5.10.2019 "Between Eros&Nudity" Tel-Aviv, Abraham Hostel


16.5.2019 "Duck&Dodo revisited" Jerusalem, Abraham Hostel


30.8-28.9 2018 "Nope, still can`t see any difference" 

9-21.4.18 "Don't put me on Display" 

30.11 - 21.12 " Monstrosity: Inside and Out"

28.9 "Steampunk sketch session"

20.7 "Strawberry Cream Girl"

15.11-15.12 2018 "Why am I still a feminist?" Tel-Aviv

28.6-6.7 2018 "Colours of Nudity" 

17.11 - 10.12 "Shadows Upon a Naked Light"

3.8 "Old Jaffa dressed model sketch session" 

29.6 "Postapocalyptic Geek Girl"

For more information and schedule please check our FB page

or contact Olga/ Ksenia by phone

Olga +972-547909005   Ksenia +972-547575131

Copyright © 2016 by duckanddodo art group. All rights reserved. Pieces or any portion thereof may not be copied, reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author.


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