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Olga Yerushalmy

+972-547 909 005

I've started to paint at age of 14, and immediately realized that it is the only thing that I ‘m going t do in my life. After my graduation from Fine Art department of Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, I've been working as print master and held a position of the Head of the Etching department for famous Israeli artists - such as Itzhak Tarkai, Jacob Agam, Anatoly Krasnyansky etc. During all this time I've printed my own works and exhibited my art at various galleries in Israel and abroad. I've participated in several Biennale of printed graphics.  At 2016 I've established a Duck&Dodo group with four other fellow artists and served as group’s curator. Painting is my first and primary language. There are a subject and themes that can be properly explored only through visual arts, which is in my case in watercolour and etching. My main subject is human being with its loneliness, different emotions, and transformations. 

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