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Stories we tell ourselves

The project was curated by Ksenia Nazarov & Olga Yerushlamy. 

We do it all day long.  We do it every single day, since we can remember ourselves.  We tell stories. First thing first – we tell those stories to ourselves. So many stories… Stories about our lives, people that surround us, our histories, our secrets, our memories.  Every day small occurrences and the greatest events; our hopes, fears and desires. Some stories are short as shopping list, some are lengthy poetical sagas. Little private dramas and comedies, thrillers and outrageous fantasies. Sometime we entertain ourselves with a day dreams. We tell lies. We relive tales we were told as children. We share pain and joy. In our minds we’re never silent. None of the stories are false. And even those that are not based on truth are in reality constructed from our experiences; their narrative reflects our personal perspective of the surrounding world.  They are ultimately true to the exact concrete moment of their creation.  The stories are privet, individual, never un-emotional and always always subjective. And yet, we feel extreme need to share our inner stories with outsiders. It is one of the basic human instincts to desire to be heard and understood. We unreservedly believe, or at least hope, that the one who will hear out our story will also help to bear its burden. 

Because the truth is that those very stories are the ones that shape the way we live our lives. Our happiness and our miseries in many cases are direct products of the stories we created inside. They impact the majority of our decisions, our moods, our routines and even relationships. They dictate what we’re going to do next. But the inclination to share the story even stronger in us – artists. We are both guided and mislead by this need. We are dedicated to storytelling. Our very nature coerces us to spill out all the truths, all the lies - every bit of our souls into any media available.  On canvas, on paper, in a smallest sketchbook - in any way possible we fall under the limitless urgency to tell stories. And those stories are always ours.  There is this tiny transitory moment in between “before” and “after” in which the artist is capable to catch and preserve one unique momentum that forever will stay the representation of this momentum’s experience. And so we give you the gift of our Stories.  We invite you to share the momentum with us, but to experience it in your own way; to create your own stories. 


-    Duck & Dodo art group [and friends]

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