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Don't put me on Display

אני מציגה את עצמי

The project was curated by Ksenia Nazarov & Olga Yerushlami. 

Despite being (or supposed to be) regardless of gender, Art
(like – oh so many - other spheres of human occupation) divided into “male” and “female” artistic expression. And while Art created by men considered for its value, in many cases when it is done by female artist it viewed as either Hobby or waste of time.


One of the reasons for such attitude originates from the themes women tend to explore in their artworks: emotions, gentle beauty, everyday life, family, feminism, depression, birth… and etc. Themes that are not considered manly enough, which for so many equals not serious, spectacular or plainly good enough.

One hundred years after Alfred Stieglitz said ‘At last! A woman on paper’ about Georgia O’Keeffe, after he first saw her drawings - we still need to prove our worth with each artwork, each exhibition, each prize we except.

Nevertheless, the truth is there is no division into female or male Arts. The only thing that exists is Inspiration and need to express ourselves in any possible artistic medium.

We, Duck&Dodo Art Group are all girls and we are all artists.

We present you with our new exhibition
Don’t Put ME on Display אני מציגה את עצמי. Exhibition that comes to showcase those very themes that are close to our hearts. That trigger our imagination and force us to put ourselves on paper. We live and breathe Art, we express our emotions and we are also wives, mothers, coworkers, friends and occasional bystanders.

Open events during the exhibition:

9.04 Master class - watercolor techniques 19:00

10.04 Dressed model sketch session 20:00

14.04 Opening 20:00

15.04 Master class - watercolor techniques 19:00

16.04 Graphic translation agency 18:30, Gallery talk 20:00

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