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Between Eros & Nudity

The project was curated by Ksenia Nazarov & Olga Yerushlamy

Abraham Hostel Tel-Aviv is excited to exhibit for the 3rd time Duck & Dodo Art Group, a fierce group of 5 female artists who engage in issues such as identity, gender, relationships and sexuality.
The current exhibition, "Between Nudity & Eros," in which the group hosts additional artists, deals with the place of the concept of "nudity" within the art world and outside of it.
What does nudity mean? After all, we are all nude dressed in clothes.
Where does the boundary between intimacy and exposure lay? What is the difference in perception between nakedness which is self-expressed, to representation through the beholder's eyes?
Nudity and eroticism are two of the most common themes in art history. Each creator has their own individual and subjective interpretation, and is simultaneously influenced by cultural baggage, as well as autonomous immediate emotions which are unique to the moment of creating the artwork.
Each portrait, whether it’s a photograph, a painting or an illustration, includes some parts of the artist's soul. Through a filter of insight and the subconscious, the artist processes his sensations into a visual image, and so an image of a model is also a mirror that reflects the creator's self. What about a nude model? Is the model the subject, or the artist’s relation to the model?

Duck & Dodo artists write: "In the current exhibition we chose various works which provide different interpretations of aesthetics and poetics of the body, and the body's eroticism. The exhibition features artists from different backgrounds, with different techniques and approaches to art."
A main source of inspiration for the exhibition was "The Symposium" dialogue, written by Plato, in which intellectuals discuss the issue of heavenly love as opposed to earthly love. The exhibition is dedicated to all forms of visual expression and representation of the human body and physical, sexual and sensual awareness, the relationship between flesh and mind, and the interplay between sex and love.

Opening eve of the exhibition will take place on Thursday 05/09 at 20:00
Galleries Floor (-1), Abraham Hostel
21 Levontin St., Tel-Aviv

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