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Why do artists come together in art groups?
For us, Duck and Dodo group, the answer is crystal clear.
We see it as desire to create something unique and unified, more than just a collection of disarrayed works that pretend to be an exhibition. To create whole new Universe build from artworks, which are microcosms in their own power. That’s our group’s main objective. Each artist has her own understanding of artistic truth and her own ways in achieving it. It is painfully necessary for each and every one to create on her own; her individual world. Every picture is a window, a crack into different realm. The author does not repeat what is well-known, but explore something new.

When such ingenious, original artists come together, an explosion and destruction may occur, or it might serve as a starting point of a new artistic reality, it might give life to a new aesthetic vision. In that case the explosion will become constructive. Exhibitions by Duck and Dodo are more than just the sum of individual artworks, each of course separately is good and powerful by itself, yet together they create an enhanced impression.We are incredibly lucky, to become a catalyzer for each other; our works emphasize and underline virtues andquality in each other, without obscuring or diminishing anyone.

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