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“You spoke the words as though you did not recognize the existence of either shadows or evil. But would you be kind enough to give some thought to this: what would your good be doing if there were no evil, and what would the earth look like if shadows disappeared from it? After all, shadows are cast by objects and people. There is the shadow of my sword. But there are also shadows of trees and living creatures. Would you like to denude the earth of all the trees and all the living beings in order to satisfy your fantasy of rejoicing in the naked light?”


- Chapter 29
The Fate of the Master and Margarita is Decided.

Open events during the exhibition:

17.11 Opening 11:00

23.11 Gallery Talk 18:30

Shadows Upon a Naked Light

The project was curated by Ksenia Nazarov & Olga Yerushlamy. 

For 2017 TLV Illustration Week, Duck & Dodo artists gave their unique and very personal interpretation of the outstanding novel by Mikhail Bulgakov – The Master and Margarita.

This whacky, weird, half-philosophical – half-satirical book will never let go of the reader, who dared to enter the hallucinogenic world created by The Master. And the reader will return to read the novel again and again. Every single time the reader will experience the story in the different and peculiar way.

The exhibition invites us to reflect on eternal concepts, such as Love and Loneliness, Faith and Creativity, Melancholy and human incessant Attraction to the abyss.

But it also quite hilarious!

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